about flexo printing
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  • 1963 The company was established in Bieren near Buende
  • 1964 The company moved to Osnabrueck, Rheinstraße

Developement and manufacture of:

- Machinery for the furniture industry.

- Transport and storage equipment for the light metal processing industry

  • In the 1970s, the company constructed and manufactured the following in the field of hydraulics
    - cylinders
    - control system
    - hydraulic power units
  • 1970 Manufacture of equipment involved in flexographic printing
    - whole printing units
    - accessories for printing machines
    - cylinders and gears
  • 1987 The company moved to Heinrich-Hasemeier-Str. 10 in Osnabrück-Atterfeld
    - small flexographic marking printing units for simple labelling
    - printing units with single motor drives
  • 2000 Manufacture of controlled, servo powered flexographic printing units
    - CNC -controlled flexographic printing units
    - modular printing units
  • 2006 Four-colour stack type flexographic printing plant in gearless design, reel to reel with a rate
    of production of 500 m/min
  • 2008 Ten-colour central cylinder printing machine for artificial casing print
  • 2009 MiniFlex with variable repeat length
  • 2010 UV coating inline in gravure machines with highspeed
  • 2011 8-colour CI hybrid press for UV- and solvent based inks
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