about flexo printing
We're updating your old printing machines to the best available technology.

The company


The company TMB GmbH manufactures flexographic printing machinery in the area of flexo Stack-types and central cylinders for the world wide market.


In the case of central cylinders, CI machines with a web of 400 - 800 mm are manufactured for printing sausages-, artificial casing, paper, tissue and films.


Thanks to out modular method of construction, our printing units can be employed as individual printing units (attachment printing units or varnishing units) or can be used in combination with several modules as a stack type unit or as units inline.


all of our machines, such as stack type machines constructed in modular fashion, are deliverable as both inline and offline versions (reel to reel).


Our printing units are not only delivered with gear/belt but also with state-of-the-art servo technology (gearless).


Dipping roller or chamber doctor blades are used to transfer the ink from the anilox roller to the plate cylinder (gluing or air cylinder).


As a special engineering company, TMB GmbH is known by its customers as a company that responds to customer demands. 

We are also able to convert your machines and give them a general overhaul.

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